Greetings from the Parent Committee Chair

Thursday, October 09, 2014 - By: Mairi Pigeon

A warm hello to all parents on behalf of the Brentwood Parent Committee! I have been involved in the Brentwood community for more than 10 years, starting in 2003 when my nephew was enrolled; he graduated in ‘06. My niece subsequently graduated from Brentwood in ‘08, my older daughter in ‘13, and my younger daughter is currently in Grade 11. This is my third year on the Parent Committee. Brentwood is a unique and special community, and I really like having the chance to get to know the other families who are part of it. I also like having the chance to give back.

As some of you may already know, the Parent Committee is a group of volunteers that partners with the Advancement Office to help make you aware of the importance of all parents participating in Annual Giving.  

Here is This Year’s Committee:
Grade 12 Rep – Heather Crandall (Elizabeth, ‘12, & Tom, ‘15) – Comox, BC
Grade 11 Rep – Walter Barry (Louis, ‘16) – Palo Alto, CA
Grade 10 Co-Rep – Rebecca Ford (Evan, ‘14 & Sarah, ‘17) – Whistler, BC
Grade 10 Co-Rep – Judith Harder (Hilton ’77, Rhiannon Foster, ‘98, Amber Harder, ‘03, & Julian, ‘17) – North Vancouver, BC
Grade 9 Rep – Jenny Sheldon (Otie Gersten, ‘04, Kira Gersten, ‘06, Geneva Gersten, ‘09, Conner Crabtree, ‘16, & Nik Crabtree, ‘18)
Shelley Crawford (Bryn, ‘16) – Vancouver, BC
Chris Ford (Evan, ‘14, and Sarah, ‘15) – Whistler, BC
Stefanie Philipp (Alex ’87, Cole, ‘15, & Meril Heiss, ‘17) – Yellowknife, NT
Leslie Scragg (Katlan, ‘16) – Vancouver, BC

2014-15 Parent Committee

Over the course of the next few months, you will be asked for your support of the Annual Giving campaign. We urge you to please join us in supporting this important school fundraiser. We will never ask you to sell chocolates or wrapping paper, or to plan a fun fair, but we do hope all parents will contribute to the Annual Giving campaign. Full parent participation is key. The collective impact of our contributions has an immediate impact on our children’s educational experience.

We look forward to chatting over the course of the year.  In the meantime, I hope to meet many of you at the Parent Reception following Concert for a Winter’s Eve on Friday, December 5th.

Mairi Pigeon (Jacqueline, ‘13 and Rachel, ‘16) – Duncan, BC
Parent Committee Chair, 2014-2015

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