Green Lake Visits

Friday, October 09, 2015 - By: Petra J, Mackenzie ‘16 ; Photo by Brian Carr

Over this past weekend, two Green Lake Crews came up from Seattle for a weekend of training with our experienced rowers. Participating in up to three on-water practices a day, the rowers used the friendly competition to better themselves. 

Acting as hosts, many Brentwood rowers took the Green Lake kids under their wing for the weekend, bonding with their billets and allowing them to experience the bustling Brentwood weekend including the inaugural Hope Open House.  

On the last day of training, several crews partook in the second annual Row for the Cure, contributing their funds to the Brentwood Busts Cancer team. Green Lake donated $20 per rower to the fund. 

After one last practice of racing one another on the water, Brentwood and Green Lake shared a well-deserved brunch in the cafeteria Sunday morning before our guests caught the Clipper back to Seattle. 

See you all at the Brentwood Regatta in April!

Petra J, Mackenzie ‘16

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