Great Grade 8

Friday, June 22, 2018 - By: Ms Amanda Ramundi; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The Grade 8 program is in its 4th year and remains a big part of Brentwood. Experiential learning is at the heart of the program, and we embraced this concept from day one. The start of the year had us setting sail on a four-day SALTS trip. Students had the opportunity to learn what it takes to run a tall ship, from hoisting sails, to launching dories, navigating during the day and maintaining watch at night.

Once we made it back to shore, we launched straight into the Fall Term. The 8s taught the community about various cultures during their Night of the Notables event, explored the depths of the Horne Lake Caves, and showed off their Broadway skills in a production of Lion King Jr.

The Winter term brought colder, darker days, but there was no time to feel glum. Destination Imagination was our focus, with engineering and improv teams competing on the Mainland with other schools across BC. Students learned the importance of being safe in the digital world at the SMUS leadership conference, and built relationships (and bracelets) with our little buddies at Alexander Elementary.

Spring Term brought sunshine and a plethora of outdoor experiences, including boat holding at Regatta, climbing the WildPlay canopies, and a biking & camping trip to Skutz Falls. Additionally, students learned important life skills including vehicle maintenance, laundry, and cooking.

With all these events and activities, it seems impossible that we managed to do any school work at all. But we did, and students learned the importance of time management, organization, self-advocacy, assessment preparation, mindfulness, and being positive members of the community.

Not wanting to miss anything Brentwood had to offer, the 8s also enthusiastically embraced the arts and sports of the school playing important roles in rugby, soccer, volleyball, ice hockey, basketball, choir, and Debate & Model UN, among others.

A HUGE thank you to the teaching and support staff who dedicated their time to the growth of these young people. The biggest thanks go to the students for making this another fabulous year.

Ms Amanda Ramundi

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