Great Grade 8 Poets

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Photo by Madame Patel

In the fall of 2015, many of the Grade 8s entered a poetry competition - Creative Communications. They were competing against thousands of students from all over North America. The results are in, and 14 of our Grade 8s were selected as winners of this contest. It is so exciting that these individuals are now published authors.

 Of particular note, Janey W was one of the Top Ten Winners!  Her poem is featured below:


Country’s Dawn


Dusty dirt roads

The sweet smell of hay

Old gumboots

A little girl runs out to play


Under the little red wagon

A cat lays to sleep

A thunder cloud rolls in

The sky begins to weep


Little birds twitter and sing lovely songs

Tractor engines roar

Wind gently rustles

A raven screams, voice raw to the core


A gun shot in the distance

Frost and dewdrops upon the lawn

The rooster crows loud and clear

Waking of the dawn.

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