Grade Eights Bring Back Bugsy

Monday, November 25, 2019 - By: Chloe C, Allard ‘21

The Grade 8 musical is an exciting performance event that occurs every year before winter break. On Friday, the school had the honour of enjoying the young, yet talented, group that is the 2024 graduating class of eighth graders perform Bugsy Malone Jr. on stage. Staff, students, and family alike filled the Killy Theatre top to bottom to witness the show.

The brilliant stage lights dimmed to concentrate on one boy clad in a black suit fitting the flapper era of the early twentieth century, and the show had begun. Alvin F, who played the one and only Bugsy, began the show by narrating a thrilling outline, captivating the audience into the story. Katelyn C, Allard ‘21 states that she was “immediately hooked into the performance”. The spectator’s eyes were glued to the stage as the scenes became increasingly exhilarating. The show was “extremely impressive, somehow sophisticated and chaotic” commented Maya V, Mackenzie ‘21.

Bugsy Malone was released in 1976, a startling gangster performance about the rival gangs of ‘Dandy Dan” and “Fat Sam”. The crime comedy was a cast entirely made of children, with fake guns and candy substituting weaponry, much like yesterday's show. Eric G and Peyton H captured the likeness of the respective gang leaders perfectly, in persona and costume. The latter and set design were phenomenal, unique copies of the original play; this is thanks to Mrs Sally Smith, who put in hours upon hours to bring the visual dream to life.

Many more people were involved in the creation of this performance. Mr Armitage worked the technical production, Ms Ramundi managed the cast, and Mr Newns spent days on rehearsals with the kids as Musical Director. Alex House Grade 12, Kenya B, spent time backstage with the performers to help guide them and perfect their techniques. Finally, the show would be impossible without the fabulous Mrs Blake, who orchestrated the entire project as Choreographer and Director. We are all so grateful for the effort these individuals put into the fantastic performance: it was one to behold.

Chloe C, Allard ‘21

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