Grade Eight 7s

Saturday, June 18, 2016 - By: Mr. Smith, Junior Rugby Coach

A collection of Grade 8 rugby players - Torren, Keaton, Deklon, Isaac, and Connor, bolstered by Grade 7 future-Brentonian Jack - assembled last Friday afternoon to compete in a mini-rugby 7s jamboree on Gillespie Field.

The boys played three games; they dismantled James Bay Athletic Association eight tries to one; lost a good battle to Shawnigan four tries to seven, and beat a spirited Shoreline side seven tries to three.

No 14 year old is the finished product, so you look for latent qualities with excited anticipation. There are some attributes that foreshadow greatness: Keaton’s legs that start at his armpits, his running like a colt that’s broken free; Jack’s instincts, eyes wide and looking up field; Torren’s visceral physicality, and movement as efficient as any German engineering. Isaac had some forte collisions before he departed for a music lesson, while Deklon has a nose for the ball. And Connor’s courage, which can stop a train. 

The future is bright!

Mr. Smith, Junior Rugby Coach

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