Grade BBQs End the Year With a Bang

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 - By: Neve M, Hope ‘23

Brentwood has many traditions, and the final academic assessments of the last few weeks of school are always counterweighted with fun-filled activities. The invigorating engagement from the student body and staff always manages to make these events come to life. The memories last us a lifetime, and throughout the years, each one of us holds these fond pictures in our hearts. An annual event we won’t soon forget are the Grade BBQs.

Hosted by Mr & Mrs Patel at the Head’s Residence, these BBQs never fail to impress. On the second last week of school, each grade, usually in flocks of boarding houses, stroll down to the lovely ocean-side house where our Head of School resides. There we eat, play passionate games of spikeball and volleyball, mingle with our grade, and listen to an enthusiastic - and quite daunting - speech by Mr Patel.

The food is always exemplary: the Patels treat their guests to an outdoor feast. With options of fresh buddha bowl, caesar salad, barbeque ribs, roasted potatoes, and chicken, there is little room for dessert - though one is provided. Ice cream bars are set out for everyone and the fun continues. The kitchen staff are all to thank for this beautiful meal.

Though the weather is usually sunny and vibrant, the Grade 11s were bombarded with a wet afternoon as rain showers set in upon arrival. “Even though we were all a little soggy, our joy was never dampened by the unexpected rain” joked Henry V, Ellis ‘23. Even during the rainstorm, students still stuck to the spikeball court and galavanted through the yard.

The Grade 10 BBQ was filled with copious sunlight and warmth. “Everyone was wearing shorts and t-shirts, it was a great interlude to summer break. It was so wonderful to have the entire grade come together in the last stretch of school. After a hard year of working with your peers, it’s great to see them all outside of an academic environment” stated Serena H, Allard ‘24.

After the festivities, the evening ended with the traditional speech from Mr Patel. The contents of the speech are fairly similar throughout the year including anecdotes from the year, a summary of Brentwood leadership, and an introduction to the next year of our Brentwood lives. The Grade 11 speech was daunting, as mentions of graduating and future leadership all left us excited but nervous for the grand closing chapter of our high school school years.

The Grade 12 BBQ will happen this evening as Grad ‘22 gathers in the Patels’ yard. The longest barbeque of them all will take place, and the speech from Mr Patel is sure to bring some tears to the crowd. The barbeque will be the last gathering of their grade before they walk to the stage to receive their diplomas on Friday.

The student body is so grateful for all the planning and lovely hospitality we receive at these BBQs. It is a great way to end an amazing year.

Neve M, Hope ‘23

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