Grade 9 Rugby Cuts Teeth on Blue Jags

Friday, October 19, 2012 -

I wonder if the rest of the Grade 9 boys were feeling the way that I was on Tuesday, October 9 as we hurried up to the rugby field for our game against St. Michaels University School. All morning I had been feeling nervous and apprehensive. For me, as well as most of the team, this was our first rugby game ever.

The game was a hard battle that SMUS ended up winning 6 tries to 2. Even though we lost, I think that our team learned a lot about what we’re good at and what needs some further development. In the second half of the game, our play really came together. We scored both our tries in the second half – Miles J scoring the first and Brian R the second - while we held SMUS to two tries in that period.

The advantage of SMUS’s experience was minimized in the second half as our team got the hang of how the game works. For us, the things that went well were our lineouts. Also, Brian R kicked well throughout the game to get us some extra points. Some things that needed work were our passing, our heads up play and ensuring that our players would be there when we made the pass.

We look forward to our next practice and the opportunity to improve.
Jacob N, ‘16

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