Grade 9 Rugby

Tuesday, October 01, 2013 - By: Santiago G

The skill level and grit has vastly improved in the very brief period of time we have been playing together on the Grade 9 Rugby team. I remember in the first encounter against Shawnigan Lake School, we where all very anxious and slightly afraid to have to play against these “recruited rugby stars” (as some called them).

The moment the ball was kicked and the game commenced, the spirit of the game took over. Running the ball up the field, sprinting back for defense and enjoying this sport was, to the majority of us, a new and fun experience. We had a lot of fun playing in this friendly match. The game ended with proud, happy smiles on our faces.

Two days later, here at Brentwood, we had a rematch against Shawnigan. Now the atmosphere was a lot different. We were more confident playing against Shawnigan; a little too confident, in fact. This led to our first loss of the season. The team worked hard and fought until the end; however we did not work like a team, we were playing like individuals. After the game we recognized this mistake and were ready to change. After practice on Tuesday we were ready to play our next opponent.

Our next game was against Mulgrave School from Vancouver. This time we were more focused and prepared to play. We left everything out on the field and played much more like a team: this paid off with a proud win. In this game we showed a high level of grit and sportsmanship, which is highly important in any sport.

The Brentwood Grade 9’s look forward to their future games and would like to thank our coaches for all of their support.

Santiago G, Privett ‘17

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