Grade 9 Provincials

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - By: Jayden L, ‘23

On the 28th of February, the Brentwood Junior B Boys Basketball team headed off to provincials with low expectations. We had qualified by placing second on the Island.

Dylan G, a Junior A player and a classmate of mine stated, “I think that if you play six games you will win two” and that was the most generous of all the predictions people in our Brentwood community made. 

On the bus ride there the team was full of excitement, knowing that we were the first Boys Brentwood B Team to make provincials. No matter what people thought, the team was determined to win.

Upon arrival, the B Team was shocked to see two teams playing, one with a point guard that was taller than our center. But we kept our heads high and got ready to play. In the first half of our first game, two things became evident. One was we were not ready to play that game. And two, the courts were so dusty that you would be able to make a pile of dust if you only swept the free throw line. Brentwood worked hard but sadly lost by about twenty. A player that stood out in this game was Niko B who scored 14 points.

In game two Brentwood lost 67-38. A strong point in the game was Cannon F, who scored a whopping 16 points. Although Brentwood had lost two games, we were still able to enjoy some time together at the mall afterward. 

After game two Brentwood went to the banquet. The banquet was fun and everyone had a good time putting away their phones and talking to one another. Some strong points were Mr. Warner winning a football, a motivational speech from Angus Reid, and the pizza that came after the banquet. 

The last game that we played was our closest. Although we worked hard we lost the game 52-40. This would be ok if they weren’t playing Shawnigan. A strong point in this game was Niko and Cannon who combined for 21 of Brentwood’s 40 points.

Though it may sound like I think the Brentwood B-team Provincial trip was a waste of time, it wasn’t. Our expectations were modest but we all were able to have each other’s backs and we powered through. Many friendships were made and everyone got to know each other better, while also giving Mr. Warner a hard time. ;-)

Jayden L, ‘23

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