Grade 8s Go to Wildplay

Thursday, June 06, 2019 - By: Aidan A, ‘23; Photo by Ms Ramundi

On May 31, the Grade 8s hopped on a bus around nine fifteen, and headed down to Langford to go to Wildplay. The day was beautiful with not a cloud in the sky. The Grade 8s could not have been more excited about the adventure ahead as we drove up to the entrance to Wildplay. 

We quickly exited the bus and headed up to the park entrance. We all signed in and chose if we were going to challenge ourselves on the extreme course. After that, we quickly grabbed our harnesses and had a lesson on how to use our carabiners and mini ziplines. As soon as we were ready, we walked up the hill to the start of the course. 

The course was divided into four sections; the green, blue, red, and extreme. We started with the green and then advanced, ending with the extreme. The green was pretty easy and had obstacles such as bridges with hand rails and small ziplines. Over the blue and red courses there were various challenging obstacles suspended in the air such as rope bridges, buoy ziplines, and climbing nets. These courses slowly rose in difficulty, height, and the length of the ziplines. Soon the regular part of the course was finished and it was time for the extreme.

The extreme started with a long swinging rope ladder that ascended high up into the trees. Next there were various obstacles that were much harder and higher than any of the previous ones. The obstacles consisted of rope ladders, swinging cargo nets, monkey bars, and other strenuous obstacles. These obstacles were so far above the ground that it felt like we were birds perched in the trees. After the main obstacles had been tackled, there was a series of long and very fun zip lines that took us back to the ground where the course ended.

After completing these challenges, most of the class was extremely hungry from the tiring climbing we had undertaken. We all put away our gear and sat at the entrance on some picnic tables and had a much-needed lunch to subdue our hunger. After we were finished, we headed back to where the bus was parked. Before getting on the bus, we were set free in a nearby field where we played soccer, frisbee, and climbed trees. After we were tired of goofing around, we slowly slogged back onto the bus and rode back to Brentwood.

Thanks to Mrs Patel and Ms Ramundi for organizing this fun way to celebrate the end of our first year at Brentwood.

Aidan A ‘23

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