Grade 8s at Camp Pringle

Friday, September 11, 2020 - By: Parker M, ‘25

For the first few days of school, the Grade 8s went to Camp Pringle for three days of fun and bonding experiences with our new classmates and teachers. We participated in both land and water-based activities.

The land activities included walking the low ropes and having Mr Stevens and Ms Ramundi soak us with water during a game called Spiderweb. We also hiked in the morning to the Provincial Park and played an intense game of tag and freeze tag. Marcus was so intent on escaping being tagged that he somersaulted down the hill and launched himself into the bushes!

We also did archery where we took aim at old CDs as our targets. If we hit a target, then Mr Stevens would have to remove necessary items from his lunch - a chair for example. Ms Ramundi's group had hit so many targets that she had to stand up without cutlery and a glass to have her lunch. We also did some orienteering and played a huge game of capture the flag.

On the waterfront, we had to do a swim test to measure our aquatic abilities and did some fun kayaking and rowing (my personal favourite). On the second day of camp, my group went kayaking and the other group went rowing. My new friend Orion S pushed me out of the kayak into the water because I told him I was going to fall out at any second. I guess he just wanted to speed up the process. We were both laughing so hard.

On our final day, we did some egress training with Mr Norman where we had to flip over in the kayaks and pull ourselves free from underneath the water. Other than water up the nose and in the ears, it was pretty easy and fun. We also got to row again as well in an inflatable shell which was really easy to maneuver. Then we split into two teams and played beach volleyball beside the lake.

These past three days with my new class have been the hit of the summer. I'm really looking forward to the new school year and the adventures we’re going to have together.

Stay safe and stay healthy! This is Parker M, ‘25 signing off!

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