Grade 8 Leadership

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - By: Cate C & Abigail S, Grade 8, 2017

On January 20th, the Grade 8 class went down to Victoria to attend a leadership conference called “Accepting to Connecting” at SMUS. One of the first things we did was listen to a speaker who taught us about female and male stereotypes and how they can affect youth. After this, everyone at the event was separated into groups, one which was our “pod” where we would return for lunch, and then people from all pods were separated into our focus groups. 

After we were put into groups, the leaders brought us to our first area of focus. My group was with the woman who had previously spoken with everyone, and she taught us about our self confidence, how to feel more confident. She taught the group that in order to be self confident, we had to get rid of the “little monster” inside of our head and try not to listen to it. 

During this time, Abby went to an group where they played games in which you did improv and other games where the group would bond and get to know each other better. After we returned to the main area and ate lunch, we went to our second area of focus. I went to the one that was about being a servant leader, which means you help others without wanting something in return. During this, Abby was at the self confidence area that I had been in before we had eaten lunch.

At the conference everyone got to play a plethora of fun games outside, such as “Scream and Run”, where you have to try and run as far as you can while screaming, and you only get one breath. We also ate some very tasty food, and met loads of people our age, resulting in tons of new friends. One of the highlights of the trip for Abby was when everybody had colored powder that is used in events such as the colour run, and we ran around throwing it at people, which was both messy and entertaining. During the lunch break we ate chips and pulled pork sandwiches from a local catering service while getting to interact with our pods. 

No doubt the best thing about this field trip was that we got to meet new people. This trip was not only a learning opportunity, but also a great experience. We hope that the Grade 8s next year will enjoy it as much as we did.

Cate C & Abigail S, Grade 8, 2017

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