Grade 8 Leadership

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - By: Jonah M, ‘23

Greetings Brentwood! As many veteran Grade 8s will tell you, the conference at Saint Michael’s University School is always a blast. The Grade 8s this year continued the tradition. 

The theme this year: Search your Selfie. After a bus ride to SMUS, we were led to a theatre where about 200 students and teachers were seated and standing. Two students from SMUS introduced themselves and the speaker. The speaker, a man, gave a speech and Powerpoint on how the world has changed with phones. 

Shortly after the presentation, they split us up into groups for workshops. SMUS offered many different workshop opportunities such as fake news and how to spot it, stop motion for a cause, and much more. The SMUS conference truly had something for everybody! 

After the first workshops, we were given a delicious lunch. Following lunch was our second activity. The second workshop was similar to the first: extremely fun and educational. Following the second workshop, we returned to the lecture theatre for yet another Powerpoint. The presentation was about how the world has gotten better with phones. 

Finally, it was time for the color powder celebration. We were each given sacs of brightly colored powder to throw in the air. It was a mess, but a fun one. We hope that next year’s Grade 8s will have as good an experience.

Jonah M, ‘23

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