Grade 8 Kayaking

Saturday, August 04, 2018 - By: Anna D, ‘22; Photo by Sarah R

On a wonderful day in June, the Grade 8 Students had the opportunity to go kayaking in and around Mill Bay. We took kayaks, paddles and spray decks. Before any of us were allowed to use the paddles everyone had to pass the “Wet Water Exit” with and without the spray decks. For some, it was the easiest thing in the world, and for others, it was arduous or even agonizing. 

It was a wet start! 

On the second day of kayaking, everyone knew what to expect: a fun and tiring experience. We gathered all the gear and set out to sea. Even though it was a wavy day, everyone started with laughter and talking to each other how you were definitely going to flip. There were several collisions and also one boat that flipped. Many people came very close to flipping, because they were parallel to the waves, or they accidentally hooked the paddle in with another paddler or boat, but everyone who set out to sea came safely back. Some were wetter than others, but no one minded the water as it became sunny. 

Very kindly, Mr Norman offered to stay out with people who wanted to try and stand up in their boat. Many kids just wanted to get in as they were tired but some took the challenge and could stand; others who took the challenge stood, and then fell in. It was a morning full of surprises and a lot of arm work. Many kids said it was very fun and others said it was great: everyone had a wonderful time out on the water kayaking.

Anna D, ‘22

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