Grade 10 Camp Qwanoes Adventure

Friday, September 22, 2017 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Mike Minckler

At 8:00 on Tuesday morning, the one hundred and twenty-four students that make up this year’s Grade 10 class excitedly departed on their way to an adventure-filled day at Camp Qwanoes. Divided into six groups, the Jedi, Wookies, Ewoks, Bounty Hunters, Sand People and Storm Troopers, we arrived for a brief orientation. Pulling on raincoats to keep out the chilly drizzle, the Grade 10s set off to race through a lively rotation of six adventure stations, with a delicious lunch provided by the camp in the middle. 

At the Sky Station, participants harnessed up and climbed into the tree-tops to tackle a challenging high ropes course. With three different levels of suspended logs, swinging platforms, and criss-crossed ropes and cables of all sorts, the course proved to be demanding for everyone. Dodging amongst trees and cabins, intense games of capture the flag found students and staff alike running, hiding, and then answering trivia questions in order to rejoin play. Complete with moss-covered stumps and huge cedar trees, the forest provided the ideal place for multiple games of laser tag, with the sounds of shots and shouts echoing through air. Blue against red, the teams battled, each trying to be the one with the last man standing.  

Free time brought a slight break, but still involved trampolines, volleyball, tetherball, and basketball. Outfitted in harnesses and helmets, when it came our turn we launched ourselves off of the starting platform of the Jet Stream, the scenic zipline. Zipliners came flying out of the trees, only picking up speed as they were swung over the ocean, to be stopped at a platform surrounded by water. From there, another zipline deposited them safely on the beach, to walk along it, and climb up ninety-one steps to reach the top again. Possibly the most thrilling of all was the Sky Scraper, the three person swing. After being hoisted above the treetops by a tractor pulling a long cable, one swinger pulled a rope, releasing the entire swing into a stomach-turning free-fall. Caught at the last minute to go sailing up the other side, and back again, the ride produced screams and grins from nearly all participants. 

Despite the wet weather, the trip to Camp Qwanoes provided the Grade 10s with a day of amazing experiences, as well as the opportunity to meet new people, and form unforgettable memories. Thank you to all of the staff and faculty who made the trip possible! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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