Grad BBQs at Patels

Sunday, October 08, 2017 - By: Vivian F, Hope ‘18; Photo by Bud Patel

Last week, Grad ‘18 attended a series of welcoming dinners at the Head of School’s residence. Mr Patel warmly invited all houses to his home over the course of eight evenings for a Grade 12 House BBQ. 

Alexander House was the first group of students to have the honor to attend this wonderful event. At 5:00, students dressed smartly and casually to head down to the Head’s residence. The cool breeze off the ocean was a sign for the arrival of fall. Students held onto the last bit of summer and enjoyed the warmth of sunlight on the grassy field. 

Upon our arrival we expressed our appreciation to Mr Patel by presenting our gifts. The gifts were simple, flowers or homemade pastries, yet they represented the thoughtful nature of the Class of ‘18. Then, Mr Patel greeted each and every grad student with a handshake or hug, and perhaps with a friendly jest which set the causal and relaxed tone of the dinner. Afterwards, students gathered as a house around the flagpole and Mr Patel recorded the moment with an Instagram photograph. 

The delicious meal was specially prepared by chefs from Crooks Hall and included Greek salad, steaks, steamed salmon, and much more. There were great choices and we enjoyed our meals becoming overly full because “the food is just too good,” according to Zara P, Hope ‘18. Furthermore, students’ appetites were completely satisfied by the Haagen-Daz ice-cream bars: rich, creamy vanilla covered in a crunchy chocolate outer layer. 

The most valuable part of the event was, perhaps, the discussion which took place after the dinner. The Grads offered insightful answers to questions Mr Patel proposed: what is the most incredible aspect of Brentwood, and what should be changed? The school always strives to be better, and by gathering valuable opinions, the school can make adjustments accordingly to offer a better education and boarding experience for all students. 

Finally, Mr Patel formally passed on the leadership torch. His words pulled many students’ heartstrings.  He said, “On June 21st, 2018, you will walk across the stage and shake my hand. At that time, you are no longer a Brentwood student, you are an old Brentonian.” His advice allowed students to reflect on their plans and attitudes in this last year of high school and to prepare for next Spring’s bittersweet departure.  

Thank you to Mr Patel for hosting Grad ‘18 and passing on his life-long advice. 

Vivian F, Hope ‘18

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