Gone Caving

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - By: Ty D, Whittall ‘23; Photo by Amanda Ramundi

Last Friday the Grade Eights had the opportunity to visit the Horne Lake Caves.  

We arrived at the caves after a two hour song-filled bus ride ready to go caving. We were split into two groups each headed to two seperate caves. 

My group went into a cave that was one hundred and forty metres deep! Our informative group guide, Alex, provided us with interesting facts about how the caves were formed and the types of rock that make up the caves. We ventured into the cave and came across a plethora of mini stalactites and stalagmites. Once we were deep enough in the cave, we turned off our headlamps to experience total darkness. If you waved your hand in front of your face you were not be able to see it.

We came across a waterfall that we were allowed to climb up. Even though we came prepared with boots, most of us had soaked, sticky socks by the time we reached the top. We then snuck through tight and sharp gaps as we made our way to a metal slide. At the bottom of the slide we descended down a steep ladder that took us back to the bottom of the waterfall. On the way back out you could go through a tight passage called “The Cheese Grater”. You had to crawl along the cave floor so your helmet wouldn’t get stuck. 

The second, slightly smaller cave, was just as captivating. On the ceiling were what seemed like thousands of long-legged cave crickets. They littered the caves waiting for other insects to come near. Also, trapped organisms in the rock glowed in the dark when light was shone over them.

Thanks to Mrs Ramundi for organizing this magnificent trip that all of us loved and for Mrs Patel and Mr Thompson for chaperoning. The caves were an amazing experience that has taught us awesome facts that we never knew about. 

Ty D, Whittall ‘23

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