Global Thinking En Francais

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - By: Noel P, Whittall ‘21; Photo by Jim Ganley

In my Grade 12 AP French class recently we did a project on global difficulties. We narrowed the subject down to 7 categories: economy, environment, health, human rights, nutrition, peace and war, and drought. The class was divided into seven groups, one for each subject. Each person in each group chose a francophone country and found information on their specific subject, and at the end, the group put their countries together and presented them all to the class. 

Some groups chose Belgium and as we have a new French teacher from Belgium we invited her to attend our class presentations, not only to have her listen in our research on her country, but to also educate us about Belgium. 

Listening to these presentations - and creating my own - really opened my eyes up to the world around me and started to get me thinking of the bigger picture, planet earth. Talking about these subjects was something I haven’t ever done in a language arts class, and because I had the time to learn and create opinions of my own, it was a good stepping stone to more adult and mature thinking. I also really enjoyed the project.

Noel P, Whittall ‘21

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