Girls Rugby: winning form continues

Monday, April 07, 2008 - By: Jim Burrows

This past Sunday, the girls rugby team hosted Moscrop SS, an 'AAA' side from Vancouver and it was encouraging to see so many parents there to support the girls. The team began the game with a great deal of intensity, rucking hard and tackling aggressively. As ever, the game plan was to move the ball wide and use our speed to advantage. Thanks to superb service inside them, Meredyth, Dylan and Lenutsa scored 6 times in the first 20 mins. The forwards dominated the set pieces, but had to work hard to contain the opposition's big forwards as they rumbled upfield. It was encouraging to see the newer players like Mie, Renata, Christina and Marina grow in confidence and contribute more fully. The 51-0 win should give the team confidence as they look forward to future games. Our thanks to Mr. Pennells for his excellent photos of the game.

Jim Burrows

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