Girls Rugby Provincials

Thursday, June 28, 2018 - By: Chloë Pierce, Hope ‘18, Captain

Never letting up on the field, every girl played incredibly well at provincials this year. That being said, we were truly lucky to have six hard-working players from Nelson join our team for provincials. It was inspiring to watch the confidence rise in every player. 

Focused most on personal achievements and self improvement, our team played three grueling games against excellent teams. Thinking back to where we started and looking at where we have come has been incredibly eye-opening. Every single girl brought incredible talents, attitudes and determination to every game, scrimmage, and most importantly, practice. 

Rugby is a place for all to feel welcome and for all to find a community to take pride in. This year I got to watch as the team became a family, often filling our bus rides at provincials with music and laughter. I could not be more proud to have been able to play alongside every girl who wore our jersey this year. Constantly battling on, our girls demonstrated what grit and joy meant to us as a team, no matter what the outcome was. Whether a teammate was on the field or off, it was easy to see how much passion each girl developed for the game. During games, each girl played her absolute best. Victory came during our last game as we left the season with a win and some too-tight hugs.

Chloë Pierce, Hope ‘18, Captain

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