Girls Rugby

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 - By: Mr Marius Felix; Photo by Jim Ganley

The Girls Rugby Team had played 6 games, earning a 4-2 record with several matches and the Provincial Tournament yet to be played. The team this year is comprised of five Grade 12s with the rest of the team made up of 9 Grade 11s, 6 Grade 10s, 4 Grade 9s and 1 Grade 8 student.  

What is starting to define this team is its growing ability to fiercely compete at the breakdown and producing quick ball for what is an evolving and potent backline. Strong leadership is coming from Captains Téa K and Hayley F, who partner with Solveig C in a formidable front row. The back row trio of Lindsay W, Kerry W and Janessa P have developed into a good defensive unit, with Janessa in particular getting through an immense amount of work on the defensive side of the ball. Also encouraging is the development of first year players Hannah P and Nouhad W. Add to this mix the excellent progress of Maryn K, Sophia B, Nemi G, Emily E and Gracie D who are all earning playing time and valuable experience for the future. 

The backs, comprised of Desola D, Cailine K, Maddy W, Onyi O, Didi O, Abayah H, Asia C and Bridget B are all talented athletes who are starting to understand their roles on defence and, when they have the ball, are proving they can score on any opposition, especially when they realign quickly. Veteran Brylee M is also just returning to the team and should be able to play soon.

This is a young and promising team. The next few weeks will be important growth opportunities as we complete our regular season and prepare for the Provincials (hosted by Brentwood) at the end of May.

Mr Marius Felix

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