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Monday, July 24, 2017 - By: Natalie Moreland, Hope ‘17

It is not uncommon for girls to underestimate themselves. Whether this is because of a flaw in the fundamental values that girls are taught from a young age, or because of pop culture, I have confidence that rugby is something that has the power to change this. Girls should see themselves as individuals who are capable, confident, and powerful.

The Brentwood Girls Rugby team is a team which encompasses females from all backgrounds and social circles. As a result, social barriers are broken when these girls join in a common interest. Rugby is more than a sport: the pitch is a place in which a female can feel included and confident in what she is doing, knowing that she is important to the team regardless of her individual strengths and weaknesses. Each girl is a unique puzzle piece who helps form the final picture of what a team needs to be.

As girls build confidence on the field, they also find themselves being more confident off it.

More than two-thirds of the team are new to rugby this year and almost half are new to the sport this spring. Thanks to amazing coaching by Mr Felix, Mr Cowie, and Team Canada Captain and Olympic Bronze Medallist Ms Russell, each girl on the team has worked tirelessly: it is incredible how far the quality of their playing has already come.

As the only AA team on the island, we have had many opportunities to challenge ourselves against local AAA teams. Despite experiencing a number of losses this season, we will be going into Provincials ranked in the top three AA schools due to the tremendous force and success with which we fought each of these teams. 

I am beyond proud of the perseverance and dedication that these girls have put forth. 

As these girls mature into more experienced players, I have confidence that they will become both incredible players and women. 

Natalie Moreland, Hope ‘17

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