Girls Ice Hockey: The Beginning of Triumph

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - By: Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

This past season has been full of nothing but success. We began with an open skate to start the season, allowing various girls to tie up their laces and see what hockey is all about, leading to the first Brentwood Girls’ competitive ice hockey team. Our group of 24 was always motivating each other, constantly improving, and full of passion.

We were incredibly blessed to have Coach Flynn, DeSandoli, Dennis, and Sullivan, who spent endless hours building the team, helping to improve each person’s skills. To start, a number of girls strapped on the pads to decipher who would fill the role of team goalie. Emma P, Alex ‘24, was a natural from the beginning, becoming the person to hold us together in each game. No matter our experience, everyone made evident improvements; Assistant Captain Amber W, Alex ‘22, observed: “The skills developed were incredible, and I am eager for the team to continue.”

The team was definitely a fierce competitor while playing Shawnigan Lake School and the local women’s teams from Kerry Park and Chemainus. Every game was different, both wins and losses, but all similar in the way that new accomplishments were achieved. The girls showed extreme grit while learning new skills and were always excited to step on the ice each session. Coach Sullivan was one of the biggest team supporters, bribing players with donuts, leading to Josephine P, Alex ‘24 scoring her first-ever ice hockey goal.

This team has an immense future ahead, considering the high-spirited and talented group that has started it off. Captain Amy P, Mackenzie ‘22, expressed “I’m proud to have helped lead this team and I’m excited to see the success of the upcoming seasons.” The group is full of strong-minded individuals that will lead the team to further achievements.

I’m incredibly proud of the program that has been built and so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this team and its memories.

Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

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