Girls Hockey Gets Going

Wednesday, December 09, 2020 - By: Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

As term two begins, Brentwood’s first all-girls hockey team has also begun. On the first day, students of all skill levels and ages arrived at the arena eager to tie up their skates and hit the ice. A total of 16 girls have started the season and continue to have high-spirits even while attending those early Saturday morning practices.

Throughout the week, we have three sessions that range from ice time to gym sessions. Tuesdays and Thursdays take place at the Shawnigan Lake rink. To prepare, we get our equipment on at the Foote Centre, and pack a bag with skates, gloves, helmets, and neck guards, so we are prepared once arriving at Shawnigan. For our third practice, we do a hockey program rotation on Saturday mornings, where the session changes from ice time, gym sessions, and workouts.

Each practise our tremendous coaches, Mr Flynn, Mr DeSandoli, and Mr Parent arrive on the ice to help improve all of our skills. Beginning with varying skill levels, each person has already made a distinct improvement. The beginners are already feeling comfortable on their skates, while the more experienced are improving their shots and accuracy. “I started with little to no experience, but I quickly found myself improving and getting more comfortable with this stimulating game” stated newcomer Lilli S, Mackenzie ‘23.  

For experienced players, some joined with fear that they would not improve and it wouldn’t be worthwhile, but quickly all of those thoughts diminished. “The practises are challenging and they test my skills, but the improvement made by all is evident” stated Amber W, Alexandra ‘22. The practises include a lot of skating, and shooting, while focusing on developing the necessary skills and game plays to be successful for the games we are all hoping for.

As we carry on with the season, Mr Flynn’s motto “It’s okay to fall and make mistakes. We are all here to learn” will continue to motivate us on and off of the ice.

Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

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