Get In, Get Dirty

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - By: Haden U, Ellis ‘19

One of the most popular arts at Brentwood is pottery. More specifically, handbuilt pottery. The class has three fine art blocks, all fully enrolled. The class is taught by the wonderful Mrs. Luna whose engaging, positive and calm aurora motivates students to craft beautiful creations. So far she has taught we students different techniques in making pinch pots and coil bowls. 

Captain of Handbuilt Pottery, Chantal P, Mack ‘19 reported: “Pottery is a great atmosphere to be a part of. It is an hour in the day where we can go and let our creativity be free.” Students have come up with some great pinch pots ranging from pumpkins to cats. Every class is a new adventure as Ben A, Rogers ‘19 tells a story as he rolls out a new design. 

During class, I was able to speak with Mrs. Luna about why she is so passionate about handbuilt pottery and why she believes it is so popular. She pointed out how our minds like being able to be hands-on in things we do. It is a primal root that the art brings us back to: “I believe handbuilt pottery specifically is fantastic in that students can come in and focus on themselves and stay in their own brain space for an hour. The class gives them time to tinker and craft meaningful projects. Humans have a natural urge to be very hands-on and to experiment. Children will go out in the mud and play without a purpose, simply just to experiment and make of it what they’d like. That is what I think handbuilt pottery is.” Most would agree with Mrs. Luna as the atmosphere in her class is always calming. 

It has been a great start to the year in handbuilt pottery and we are looking forward to being able to discover more about ourselves through our projects. 

Haden U, Ellis ‘19

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