Get Down to a Funky Sound

Saturday, April 29, 2017 - By: Mide O, Privett '18; Photo by Jim Ganley

With race cancellations taking place on the first day of the Brentwood Regatta, the Founders’ Plaza was buzzing with activity. Members of Brentwood and visitors alike moved about the area, be it for news on races or to get some great good from one of the Entrepreneurship booths. On such a windy day, there needed to be a way to get people warm and moving, to keep the energy flowing. Fortunately, Brentwood has Mr. Armitage’s Media Production Class, some very talented individuals, and a stage placed conveniently across from the plaza. 

To open the day, Jeremy H, Rogers ‘19, serenaded the crowd with his soothing voice and guitar prowess. This act was an opener for the Grade 9 trio of Didi O, Hope ‘20, Desola O, Hope ‘20, and Janessa P, Mackenzie ‘20, who had wowed a Brentwood audience during an assembly earlier in the year with their musical gifts. During their series of songs, the girls amassed a large crowd – me included – cheering after every run and loudly applauding after every song. When the girls finished their performance, all on the plaza had fallen in love with their voices, and I was the proudest brother in the world. 

Up next were Brentwood’s Rock Bands. The Advanced group kicked things off with some oldies but goodies that got the crowd dancing and singing along. The singing sensation that is Zaid K, Ellis ‘17, and an extremely gifted ensemble really got the energy going on the plaza. The Beginner’s Rock Band performed admirably as well. Led by Leah A, Alex ‘20, and kept in time by the skilled Liam S, Ellis ‘18, the group was a solid performance that the crowd enjoyed. 

As the day wore on, the music went old school. Brentwood teacher Scott McGill and his band took the stage to play some tunes that impressed all, especially Brentwood’s older population. Mr. McGill, who played backup for the Grade 9 trio earlier and taught both Rock Band groups, now took center stage, making the most of his time in the spotlight.

After dinner, fan-favourite group Gas Station Keychain graced the stage. Brentwood students and teachers had fallen in love with the band following their Java Hut performance. Colourful Justin S, Whittall ‘18, is the group’s lead singer, laying down the melody that causes all the ladies to swoon. Crawford C, Whittall ‘18, and Connor W, Ellis ‘18, kept the groove going on the guitar. Aidan M, Alex ‘18, rocked out on the keyboard. The ever reliable Mark W, Ellis ‘18, kept the beat steady as the drummer. Francis V, Ellis ‘18, proved that the violin is an unusual, but wonderful addition to any group. 

To close the night, Brentwood’s Midnight Purple got up to perform for the audience. With the ultra-talented Andrew W, Whittall ‘17, as the lead singer and guitar specialists Andreas O, Privett ‘17, and Antonio C, Rogers ‘17, the group was a thrill to watch. It was somewhat of a bittersweet moment as this was the last time several of the band members would ever take the Regatta stage to perform. They definitely made the most of their final; they had girls and guys literally at their feet begging for more. 

If you missed any of these amazing acts on Friday, fear not; there are several performances coming up Saturday. Mr. McGill will take the stage once more backing up the amazing Kristina Helene. Brentwood’s favourite bus-driver Ernie Neiderer will also perform in his group Cruel Shoes. And of course, 2016 Brentwood Graduate Bryn Griffiths aka DJ B-RYE will drop the beats at the dance to end the night. Hope you all have fun!

Mide O, Privett '18

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