German Students at Brentwood

Saturday, November 20, 2010 -

Why do German Students Love Brentwood?

As I write this, I am sitting aboard the ICE train from Munich to Cologne.  I am here in Germany meeting prospective students in 4 different cities.  Every year Brentwood attracts a half a dozen German students.  Many come for one year but more and more are seeing the value of staying and graduating from our school.  The German education system is a complex one and graduation from German schools requires an adherence to very strict criteria.  Many times the perimeters of studying abroad for a year are set by the Principals of each individual school themselves, so relationships and between families and both of our schools are very important. However, for those adventurous enough to seek a year abroad, it doesn’t take long before many of our students are phoning home pleading with their parents to stay.

Here is a top 10 list of why German students choose to come to Brentwood:

  1. At Brentwood, education is seen as been more than just a stress-filled expectations of success.
  2. Germans love nature.  Something Brentwood has in spades.
  3. Brentwood has a long history of enrolling German students; we understand what is involved in the transition.
  4. Brentwood emphasizes similar sports programmes; for example we have great soccer, tennis, basketball, rowing and ice hockey opportunities (with skiing and snowboarding on Sundays).  These sports are familiar to many Germans.  As well, many new sports and arts activities are found at Brentwood.
  5. Brentwood offers a Canadian boarding experience; unlike many Canadian boarding schools, most boarders are Canadians, not international students.  Our German students can all expect to be rooming with a North American.
  6. We don’t teach Latin!
  7. With 28 Fine Art options and 24 sports options, many German students feel we offer a more well-rounded education.
  8. The Advanced Placement courses needed to re-enter the German education system are offered at Brentwood.
  9. Brentwood does not offer an ESL programme.  Germans are sitting in the all the same classes as the Canadian students.
  10. Brentwood is in Canada!
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