Geography 12 Science Fair

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - By: Noah H, Privett ‘19

For the past six weeks, students in Geography 12 have been busy working on their final project of the year which they will presented to classmates and faculty members earlier this week. The projects are based on renewable energies, so there was a wide variety to choose from. We students were given the choice of what energy we would like to research and spend the last weeks of high school working on. It was a great opportunity to explore topics that otherwise would not come up in our daily lives. 

There were presentations ranging from hydroelectricity, wave power, wind, solar, waste gasification and many more. These presentations acted as our final exam, and because we were given so much time to work on them, the projects created were outstanding. With over 30 hours invested in this assignment and time spent building a working model of your energy source, the creativity that students came up with made for a very interesting and exciting morning of presentations. 

The freedom of this project let students find a topic that was interesting to them, one they were passionate about. With global warming becoming a big part of our lives, this project was very suitable for the time we live in. The world is heading in the direction of renewable energy, but very few people know how many different sources are available. Every project covered the environmental impacts, social and economic advantages, how it works, and the history behind the energy source. Cade M said, “ Having this project instead of a final exam was really nice. It took the stress off the class and let us research something that we are passionate about. I think I have a much better understanding of renewable energy sources after doing this.” 

The Fair took place in the Learning Commons. Presentations varied in length, ranging anywhere from three to 10 minutes long and throughout the day a number of classes of all grades came to the library to look at what our classes had to say. 

The science fair was a great way to share what the students had come up with in the last couple weeks of school. It was informative, rewarding, and fun. Thank you to all the faculty and students who made it possible, and to Mr. Carr for a great year.

Noah H, Privett ‘19

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