Gage(ing) his Passion for Hoops

Sunday, December 18, 2016 - By: Jim Ganley; Photo by Brian Carr

One might think that Mr. Blake Gage has enough on his plate. As the Houseparent of 55 boys in Whittall House, Athletic Director, teacher of financial accounting and Senior Boys Basketball coach, he manages a wide range of responsibilities at Brentwood. That he also volunteers to coach the South Cowichan Heat U13 basketball team and he is assisting with Brentwood’s Junior B Boys team this term is a testament to his enthusiasm for hoops.

This past weekend Mr. Gage led a team of present and future Brentwood hoopsters to the Grade 8 tournament at Dover Bay Secondary in Nanaimo. Led by Ben R, Ellis ‘20, David L, Olin D & team MVP Jack NG, the team went undefeated against Port Alberni, Nanaimo District, Dover Bay & Wellington.

Beginning on Boxing Day, Mr. Gage and his family, along with Mr. Sullivan and his family, will lead the Senior Boys on a 9 day tour of Hawaii.

If you want to find Mr. Gage any time in the next 12 weeks, check the Woodward Sportsplex first.

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