Future Legendary Producers

Friday, June 03, 2022 - By: Owen S, Whittall, 22

Music Composition and Production is filled with avid producers who dream of becoming a composer of another Aubrey classic.

At the beginning of the year, many students under the brilliant Mr McGill were simply beginning to learn the fine art of music creation, and even though many of us are still learning, we have been taught valuable skills that will help us on our long journey to creating songs. Mr McGill seems quite happy when asked about student progress this year: “I feel all the students have improved greatly. There have been some excellent compositions in which students show much exploration and creativity with their chosen recording programs.”

Some students have been quite successful in this field thus far. Take Jacob H, Privett ‘22 for example, who has been influenced by Mr McGill, and has used this to create his own music on Spotify. Jacob explains that “The tools in Mr McGill’s classroom have really helped me to pursue my dreams in the music industry.”
Harrison Brands also states that he has, “really enjoyed this class, and it has been my favourite art this year.”

Mr McGill has also made the class that much more enjoyable by sharing stories of his career in the music industry, even talking about his time working with members of the Pharcyde, which was crazy to hear.

Although this class is coming to an end, and some graduating students might never touch Garage Band again. It is more than fair to say that it has been a positive experience, and it has taught important skills regarding persistence and patience.

Owen S, Whittall, 22

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