Future Design Challenge

Saturday, March 21, 2020 - By: Ahmeel, Privett ‘23

While getting up at the crisp hour of 5:30 am, finding a van, and making it to the ferry turned out to be a series of almost unfortunate events, a set of ambitious Meta 9 students accompanied by Mr Wismer braved the early hours to venture to Southridge Secondary School in Surrey. These six students competed in teams of three in Future Design School’s, Future Design Prize. Over the course of the day, we worked hard to find the best way we could to foster the development of a sustainable society using innovative technology.

What started off seeming like a hassle turned into a fun and educational experience that allowed us to make use of and improve our design-thinking skills, as well as be exposed to a multitude of different ideas on how we could improve our city. Under creative names like Climaware, and the Dam Weirs, the students came up with concepts such as an eco-friendly Amazon-esque service that tackled climate education and a water system for the Cowichan Valley that allowed for the diversion and storage of floodwaters during the rainy season and access to freshwater during drought seasons.

While these ideas did not manage to win the Future Design Prize, we came away with a better understanding of the current environmental situation and new design and critical-thinking skills that will benefit us in the future.

Ahmeel, Privett ‘23

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