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Thursday, September 08, 2016 - By: Olamide O, Privett ‘18; Photo by Seo Young R, Alex '17

School is back in session at Brentwood College School. New students from all over the world have arrived on the beautiful campus that they call home for the next 10 months. On September 4 & 5, Prefects and Orientation Assistants arrived early to aid with the 200 new students arriving on the 6th. After a busy first couple of days of unpacking, going to various assemblies, and most importantly, meeting new people, everyone had the chance to let off some steam in Brentwood’s annual Fun & Games Competition. This event serves as an introduction to Interhouse Sports, as well as allowing new students to put themselves out there in front of their classmates and staff. 

The night began with Strut Your Stuff, where students danced for 15 second intervals, showing off their moves. All participants were great, but especially Connor L-L, Ellis ‘20 who wowed the gym with his amazing dance moves. Unfortunately, the 9th grader’s dancing was not enough to lead MacEllis to victory, as Rogers-Allard won the first event. 

Next were the team cheers. Within the first few days of returning to school, members of each house were tasked with writing cheers for their house. Each team yelled their hearts out, proclaiming their superiority over the other houses, but once again, Rogers-Allard won with the help of some backflips from Sarah B, Allard ‘17.

Musical Chairs was up next. Eight competitors from each brother-sister team participated in this well known and loved event. In the end, long-legged Jeff M, Ellis ‘17 won the event for his team. 

In the next event, Huckle Buckle, partners from each team (one male, one female) would run towards each other and touch certain body parts together; yes, it’s just as strange as it sounds. Teams who fumbled or did not complete the challenge fast enough were eliminated. The duo of Torren K, Privett ‘20 and Leila M, Hope ‘19 would outlast the rest and win the event for Privett-Hope. 

Following that was Simon Says, led by the one and only Mr. Johnston. Once again, eight students from each team competed and put their listening skills and reflexes to the test in the fast-paced game. In the end, Rogers-Allard were again victorious.

In the last new student-only event, teams of 6 had to perform a relay race of some sort. The goal was to travel from one end of the gym to another, only there was a catch: they were not allowed to touch the ground. Rather, they had to use chairs to travel across the gym and any time they touched the ground, they would receive a time penalty. MacEllis would once again win due to their lack of penalties. 

To close out the night, every person in the gym wearing a team’s colour was allowed to participate in a massive game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Every matchup was a best-of-three series; the loser would sit down while the winner would find another winner. In the finals, there remained two members from the dominating teams of MacEllis and Rogers-Allard. Sebastian M, Ellis ‘19 rose to the occasion, winning the event for his team. 

In the end, Privett-Hope came last with 75 points, Whittall-Alex came third with 80 points, and Rogers-Allard and MacEllis tied for first with 135 points each. While this event does not count towards the final Interhouse Race, this did get everyone in the spirit and get them excited for Eco-Challenge tomorrow afternoon. We hope to see you all there!

Olamide O, Privett ‘18

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