Fun & Games 2017

Thursday, September 07, 2017 - By: Jim Ganley, Yearbook Editor

Since time immemorial, the Wednesday evening of Orientation Week has exploded into the first Interhouse competition, Fun & Games. Led by Mr Rodriques (more than just a pretty face in University Counselling) and our new RFAs and Faculty, a palette of organized chaos including crazy human tricks, Simon says, hucklebuckle, musical chairs, and rock, paper, scissors unfolds.

Amid a sea of house colours, fanatical cheers, and zany games, self-conscious nerves are throw to the wind and lpassionate house allegiances are forged.

I am pleased to report that life-threatening injuries were avoided: hoarse vocal chords will quickly recover. For photos of the event, please visit our Flickr page.

Tomorrow we will feature a report and photos on Friday afternoon’s Eco-Challenge, an Interhouse relay race featuring a myriad of transportation modes on land and sea.

Jim Ganley, Yearbook Editor

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