Fun & Games

Thursday, September 05, 2019 -

There are few events at Brentwood that foster the same sense of excitement as does the annual Fun & Games Night. Every student on campus, decked out in their house colours, parade into the Foote Athletic Center to participate in this menagerie of interhouse competition.

Fiercely contested competitions include huckle buckle, musical chairs, Simon Says, and the performance of the house cheer.  MackEllis, HopePrivett, WhittallAlex, and RogersAllard, all dressed in vibrant house colours and waving flags, assemble under Mr. Rodrigues’ direction for an evening of hysteria.

HopePrivett managed to out distance MackEllis to capture first place in 2019-2020’s inaugural interhouse event. Any interhouse lead, however, can be short-lived as Friday afternoon brings event #2, the Eco-Challenge which will feature swimming canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, portaging, climbing, and fire building.

Follow this space on Friday evening for a full report.

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