Frogs on Ice

Friday, February 02, 2018 - By: Virginia W, Mackenzie ’18; Photo Sue Cheung

Last Saturday evening featured, along with the Hockey Showcase game, the annual Mackenzie House Skate. Different from past years, MackSkate took place before the Showcase game which allowed us to properly understand the level of slipery surface difficulty that all hockey players overcome. 

With the coordination and planning of our Houseparent, Ms. Cheung, and Assistant Houseparent, Ms. Coy, Mackenzie girls had the chance to bring a friend of their choice and ice stake before the game. The weeks leading up to MackSkate was a very intense time as many non-Mack Brentonians hope to attend MackSkate but only a few can be selected. 

Leaving the school at 3:30 and on the ice by 4:00, Mack tied up their skates and slid onto the ice. A variety of skills were seen as speedsters and former figure skaters whipped around the rink while newbies spent the first little while trying not to fall. 

Eventually, everyone got into the groove and lap after lap, song after song, and picture after picture, the group got tired but never stopped. The excitement and support Mack House brought was high and the night of ice skating was a success. 

Little bruises were left on many of the skaters but it wasn’t anything the strength of Mack House couldn’t handle. Smiles, laughs and falls filled Kerry Park Arena once again for MackSkate 2018.

Virginia W, Mackenzie ’18 

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