Fright Week

Wednesday, November 01, 2017 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '19

As Halloween approached us, Brentwood’s annual Fright Week, hosted by the SAC, was in full swing. Last Tuesday, students were excited to exchange their uniforms for black and orange clothing. That afternoon, everybody enjoyed a barbeque, the funds from which will go towards supporting the service trips to Swaziland and Nicaragua which will take place later in the year. As the shadows lengthened and darkness descended on campus, students settled in for the scary movie. When Poltergeist was over, prep commenced, and the first day of Fright Week was over. 

Wednesday brought a delicious Nigerian dinner, as well as the first episode of pumpkin carving. On Thursday, all those who missed carving Jack O'lanterns the evening before got another chance. Grinning orange faces were set on black pedestals situated across Campbell Commons, resulting in a spectacular display of glowing pumpkins later in the evening. With Karaoke in the Cafeteria, tarot card reading, and cookie decorating, there was fun to be had for everyone. 

On Friday, the Jack O'lantern display continued, and the Killy Theater buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the biggest Interhouse competition of the year: Airband. Junior, senior, and mixed teams from each house competed fiercely, dancing and lip syncing on stage to the music of cheers and laughter from the excited audience. Bringing out hidden talents and extraordinary effort by all participants, this event did not disappoint as students and faculty alike enjoyed a few hours of entertaining performances. 

Saturday brought an opportunity for the children on campus to participate in a pumpkin carving and cookie decorating party. In the evening, the Whittall Open House took place. A much anticipated haunted house, as well as the usual open house festivities ensued, with Halloween costumes and candy throughout the house. 

On Monday, the pumpkin carving and display continued, and the catering staff produced a Mexican Dinner celebrating the Day of the Dead. In addition, a creepy cake decorating contest took place, with prizes being awarded to the winners. Finally, on the 31st, Halloween arrived, and everybody was encouraged to wear costumes all day. Prizes were awarded for the best group, staff and individual costume, resulting in many creative outfits throughout the day. Trick or Treats in Crooks Hall completed the Halloween experience, and with the end of the day, the spectacular final Jack O’lantern display cast a yellow glow over Campbell Common. 

Thank you to the SAC and Mrs McLean for organizing this week packed with spooktacular and fun activities! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20 

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