Fright Week

Monday, November 11, 2019 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘21

From Wednesday 23 October to Wednesday 30 October, Brentwood hosted a Fright Week that focused on Halloween. In addition to a Halloween-decorated campus, there were many activities where students could enjoy their last week before the Midterm Break.

Throughout the week, a wide variety of activities were offered, such as a spooky film in the theatre, or Karaoke in Crooks Hall during dinner. The food was also adapted to the Halloween theme and the cafeteria often presented food that was thematically suited to the Fright Week.

The event started on Wednesday with a black-orange day, where the students dressed in these colours. Another big part of the program was the Hope Open House on Saturday, where the Hope girls invited all pupils to celebrate Halloween together.

On Tuesday evening all the students streamed into the Killy Theatre to see this year's edition of the Interhouse Airband. The boarding houses prepared several performances of their own choice and then presented them to their classmates, teachers, and, of course, the jury under the direction of Mr Sullivan, in the hope that their choreography was the best.

The end of this eventful week was marked by a costume day on the last day of school before the holidays, during which the pupils and also the teachers showed themselves in very creative costumes during the lessons.

In addition to the activities already mentioned, there were always opportunities for the students to present their creative sides. For this purpose, pumpkin carving, Halloween cookies decoration, and a creepy cake decoration competition were organized.

Fright Week was a very successful event where all the students had their fun and the international students witnessed Canadian Halloween customs. We on campus clearly noticed that it was a very well planned week, and one must, therefore, express great praise to the organizers.

Ben H, Privett ‘21

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