“Friendly” Competition

Friday, February 14, 2020 - By: Cade M, Privett ‘20

Interhouse is a year-long competition between all the boarding houses at Brentwood. The houses earn points through activities and challenges; the points are shared between brother and sister houses.  Lily F, Hope ‘20 said, “The more difficult the challenge, the more rewarding the win.” Some activities are Airband, Eco-Challenge, painting, Reach for the Top, soccer, basketball, acapella, Fun & games, and jenga. There is even an interhouse spelling bee.

To expand on Airband, it is a choreographed lip sync battle to a mashup of songs. It is performed by a group of seniors, a group of juniors, and a mix of brother & sister houses. It is a very fun competition and many look forward to it as we wait to see what exciting things each house has planned. This is one of the bigger interhouse events of the year. Each year the RFAs also put together their own performance, a very fun and rare opportunity to see many staff members dance in front of the whole school.

A more recent event was interhouse egg drop. A ladder put up in Crooks Hall and each house was required to drop an egg. The egg was protected by a contraption made with provided materials and one hour of build time. The houses each made a contraption and the points between sibling houses were tallied up. Privett and Hope ended up winning this challenge. When asked how the Privett boys approached making this, Jude P, Privett ‘20 said, “We knew if not everyone's egg broke, the winner would be determined by weight. With this in mind, we made our contraption as light as possible, protecting the egg with packing peanuts.”

Jude also reflects that “Interhouse offers a friendly and inclusive opportunity to get closer with one's house as well as competing with your peers from other houses.” These year-long events keep everyone engaged and the competitive aspect keeps everyone on their toes looking for any chance to earn their house some more points.

Cade M, Privett ‘20

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