Friday Fun Fair Full of Food

Saturday, April 24, 2021 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

As the final bell rang on Friday afternoon, I figuratively picked up the Alex House Captain, and we made our way over toward the Foote Centre to begin a journey far more intense, and life-altering than either of us could have imagined. That’s right. We were on a mission to taste-test every single one of the Entrepreneurship 12 booths.

We began our quest at The Joint, in search of Mill Bay’s favourite street tacos. While splitting a plate of their prime pork tacos, we were blown away by the juicy goodness The Joint Boys had to offer. Don’t just take it from us though, when asked about his favourite booth, The Joint superfan Cole K responded “Easily The Joint. Beef tacos & Lemonade. I would recommend!”

Next up, we took our appetites over to Donutiness, and treated ourselves to a bag of donut holes - to be tossed into a world of sweet, toasty, warm, happiness. Alice eventually had to pull me away from the donut booth, as my taste buds were stuck on the delicious donut holes, and my eyes were stuck on Grady.

Hey Boba was the stop that followed, where we ran into Davis P, and a large group of other Whittall boys crowded around the bubble tea booth. “I got the original, and I was very happy with my experience” Davis confirmed. “I will definitely be going back tomorrow!”

The fourth stop on our journey was The Cheeseria, where we spoiled ourselves with their original grilled cheese, and side of fries. While watching Kevin L cook up our meal, we managed to have a chat with Julian B, one of the co-Cheesers. When asked about how business was on day one, Julian replied “We actually almost ran out of bread, which was a little worrying, but it meant that sales were going well. We are expecting roughly the same demand tomorrow.”

After grilled cheese, we decided it was time for a little dessert, so we headed over to The Churro Burrow for our deep fried ice cream and churro fix. “I had never tried deep fried ice cream before” Alice told me after devouring her bowl “but I was very pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. Shoutout to the Burrow Boys!”

Rockin’ Roasters came next on the quest, and let me tell you, these kids are giving Brugos a run for their money. A+ coffee, world class service, competitive prices, and a far shorter walk to get to the booth, and let me tell you, that caramel macchiato is unmatched.

Poncho Nachos were the final stop of the day before the booths shut down for the evening. We treated ourselves to their Walkin’ Tacos - a dorito bag filled with everything from tomatoes, to cheese, to sour cream. A taco in a bag. Genius. I found no word better fit to describe my Walkin’ Taco than the one Oscar L offered up: “Delightful.”

As the booths closed for the night, the events on Gillespie Field continued to draw crowds of students, with the watermelon-eating contest the main attraction. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the victors of the contest, Tyron O, who made it very clear that “The watermelon-eating contest was a highlight of the fair for sure!”

Alice and I also had the great pleasure of witnessing Mr Patel taking on a group of Grade 9s in a game of water pong. I would likely get in trouble for disclosing the results of that matchup, but almost everyone involved had a good time.

As we made our way back through the closing booths, we had the opportunity to scope out which ones would be filling our bellies tomorrow.

The Smoke Shack was the first one to jump out at us, as we were drawn to their booth by the smell of pulled pork wafting from their tent. The Smoke Shack gents had been up since 5:30 in the morning cooking their meats to smoky perfection. “I spent the night in our family’s camper van in Mr Sullivan’s driveway” day student Niko B explained groggily when I saw him before class this morning. Commitment like that will surely lead to mouthwatering results. I am certainly looking forward to my stop there tomorrow.

The Bagel Brothers were another group to draw large crowds today. Their variety of sandwiches, including eggs, bacon, and plenty of cheese were cause for long lineups outside of the tent. We are looking forward to starting our day off tomorrow with a bagel for breakfast.

Abu Shawarma was looking very tantalizing all day, and seemed to have a steady flow of customers coming through their tent. I believe we saw Hanno F make a couple of stops at the booth, and when I asked him how his shawarma was treating him, I got an ear-to-ear, stuffed-faced grin, with a big thumbs up on one hand, and a steaming pita wrap in the other.

Finally, came the one-and-only Bud’s Burgers. Business was booming according to group member Sophia P: “It was super intense at the start, and we really underestimated how many orders we would have to deal with all at once, but it was cool to work alongside my teammates who have been prepping hard for this event the whole year. I think we made some pretty big sales, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” Aren’t we all Sophia, aren’t we all.

Entre booths, great work on day one, and we are all looking forward to another day full of  mouth-watering grub on Saturday.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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