Four Old Brentonians going to the Beijing Olympics

Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - By: Brian Carr

The final qualifying races were held this morning in Poznan, Poland. There were five Canadian crews racing today attempting to finish in the top two places to qualify for the Olympics. The day started out well for Dave Calder (Class of 1996) and Scott Frandsen (Class of 1998), as they led from start to finish and won the men's pair event. Unfortunately, Pete Dembicki (Class of 1998) and Jamie Faris (Class of 2000) did not qualify in the men's straight four event, finishing third to the Australians and the Chinese (the margin was 1.5 seconds behind the Chinese). Dave and Scott now join Malcolm Howard (Class of 2001), a member of the World Champion Canadian men's eight and Connor Grimes (Class of 2001), a member of the Canadian men's field hockey team on the 2008 Canadian Olympic team.  The Brentwood students will be signing banners for the Olympic athletes to take over to Beijing so that the school can show their support from the other side of the world.

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