Food Review: Regatta 2016

Saturday, April 30, 2016 - By: Gina B, Mack ‘17

Food booths on the plaza are in full swing this beautiful regatta weekend and the treats are ready to impress. There are options for everyone, salty or sweet. 

Homer’s Doughnuts came out impressively with business booming and everyone loving their delicious mini doughnuts. Julian H, Ellis ‘17 called them “Super delicious, and really addictive.” Their crunchy outside coated with cinnamon sugar with the soft inside was a huge hit. Paired with their light fruity strawberry lemonade meant you were in for a treat.

Next door Potato Tornado came out with one of the few salty options on the plaza, with their innovative twisted deep-fried potato on a stick. The “tornado” was crispy and perfectly seasoned with a mixture of several different herbs and spices to top it off. Also, Potato Tornado was the only booths to offer gluten-free and completely vegan options, so props to them for that! 

Crepes on the other side was doing well with their nutella banana crepe a best seller and the chocolate fruity French treat was as delicious as they come pleasing the rowing masses. 

Waffles impressed with their freshly made crispy waffles, and they definitely offered the most variation of options for toppings on the sweet treats.

All Day Breakfast seemed to take Saturday morning by storm to serve many hungry spectators some great breakfast! Their many-optioned menu gave good portions and was one of the only booths to offer food that could be eaten as a full meal. 

Top Dogs was also pleasing the crowds with their classic fair food and their innovative Asian style seaweed dog. Top Dog had also the most aesthetically pleasing booth that drew people in with their cute cactuses and edgy logo. 

“Say Cheese” Mac and Cheese is having success as well, and their options of white cheddar, orange cheddar, farmers, or Buffalo mac are all delicious. Clare G, Mackenzie ‘17 said “I was also impressed with their promotions and marketing.” They offered the chance to win a free Ipad if you were able to guess the poundage of cheese they were going to use this weekend. Cheesy by very impressive!

So go out and try all of these delicious salty and sweet treats down on the Plaza this Regatta weekend: all are fantastic and all are recommended! 

Gina B, Mack ‘17

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