Fleet Footed Denise

Friday, November 11, 2016 - By: Wendy Haslam; Photo by Ian McPherson

Denise Roy was born in Banff, Alberta and became an athlete at a very young age. She came from a family of runners: her grandparents and mother were also known for their speed in running in school.

In Denise’s junior year she enjoyed sprinting so much she joined a track and field club. During one of her tournaments a family friend came out to watch a sprint event and suggested that with her speed she should play rugby 7s. Denise tried out at her school and she was hooked.

After playing for Cowichan Secondary’s T-Birds rugby team in October of 2014 Denise was accepted into Brentwood College. During her stay at Brentwood in Grades 10 and 11 she had some great accomplishments.

Feb 2015 - Picked for Team BC to go to Vegas 7s placing 3rd.

May 2015 - BC Provincial Champions - she scored three tries in the final game.

May 2015 - Invited to play for Rugby Canada Women’s 7 in the University Tournament. She was the youngest player (16) playing against 19-25 year olds holding her own with three tries in the tournament.

July 2015 - helped to win the Tsunami Tournament.

Feb 2016 - picked again for Team BC to go to Vegas taking 1st.

March 2016 - At BC Place they took the Canadian Rugby 7’s U18 Championship.

May 2016 - carded for Canada Rugby Women’s 7.

Sept 2016 - was picked for U18 to go to France.

Nov 2016 - going to Trinidad for a tournament.

Is being groomed for 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Not bad for just a girl who wanted to sprint.

Denise was named to represent Canada at the Rugby Americas North Sevens competition http://www.rugbycanada.ca/leagues/newsletter.cfm?clientID=3817&leagueID=13928&page=97495 which will kick off tomorrow morning, Saturday, November 12 in Trinidad and Tobago. Her first game is against Bermuda at 6:44 a.m. For the full schedule of Canada's games, please see http://www.rugbyamericasnorth.com/schedule-announced-for-rugby-americas-north-sevens/

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