First Term Complete!

Thursday, November 28, 2019 - By: Miranda NP, Alex ‘23; Photo by John Pettit

With only 15 days left until Winter Break, the Grade 9s first term at Brentwood comes to an end!

For this young group, it has been a busy term! We successfully completed the first term of our new program Metamorphosis 9. In Meta, we were kept busy with plenty of design challenges to improve our thinking! Their most recent challenge was “Outbreak” where we were tasked with coming up with a solution to stop the rapid spread of a disease in a region of our choice.

We worked hard throughout three weeks and then presented our ideas to the class! “It was really fun to come up with a solution and work with new people” said Christine L, Mackenzie ‘23. The Grade 9s also had their first cumulative assessments for social studies, science and applied design where we got a taste of a real exam situation.

The team has travelled on a couple of field trips throughout the term. We’ve visited Nanaimo, Chemainus, the BC Royal Museum in Victoria as well as our unforgettable camping trip to Strathcona. “I really enjoyed bonding and getting to know all my peers throughout the term” said Ella D, Hope ‘23.

To finish off the term, we had our last bonfire last night, where we presented the totem project that we have been working on since Strathcona. The goal of this project was to reflect on everyone’s character strengths and weaknesses and come together as a Grade 9 cohort.

It was a busy term but it is coming to an end. The Grade 9 class is excited about what the next two terms will hold!

Miranda NP, Alex ‘23

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