First Day of St. Cat’s

Wednesday, May 29, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis '21; Photo by Brian Carr

After a long day of flying, and a longer night’s rest,

The BCS rowers got up and got dressed

For a slow going morning, and a meal breaking their fast.

All hopped in the vans - of course Alec was last.

Upon arrival, boats went down to the water,

Athletes hoping against hope, the weather’d get hotter.

Race warm ups came next: arms only on the square,

Cox Edward sat tall, enjoying wind in his hair.

Once we were warm, and all pulling hard,

Everyone focused, not dropping their guard. 

With race day approaching, the rowers were rowing, 

The coxes were coxing, the coaches were coaching.

In an attempt at the podium we’d be encroaching.

As the wind picked up, the athletes went faster,

Since rowing’s an art that we all hope to master. 

Then back to the hotel for dinner and rest,

And a swim in the pool - a real fitness test.

We all go to sleep, prepare for tomorrow,

Last practice of the season, we’ll row in our sorrow.

Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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