First Aid and Lifesaving

Friday, January 26, 2018 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

As part of the program at Brentwood, all Grade 10 students complete a mandatory emergency first aid training course, but opportunities to take these skills further exist. 

Over two weekends in late November and early December, six students completed the Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross courses, taught through the Canadian Lifesaving Society. The students who chose to give up two of their consecutive weekends, including a Red Saturday, to attend this grueling but rewarding course include Erika D, Hope ‘19, Lily M, Hope ‘19, Brendan O, Whittall ‘20, Sarah R, Mackenze ‘20, Martina R, Allard ‘18, and Hannah V, Mackenzie ‘19. The 36 hour long course took place at the Cowichan Aquatic Center, where participants challenged and improved their swimming, first aid, and water rescue skills.

Later, in mid-January, another opportunity arose through the school’s swimming and lifesaving sport program, and eight students completed their Standard First Aid course right here at Brentwood, again through the Canadian Lifesaving Society. This 16 hour course took place at Brentwood, over one weekend, and those participating gained knowledge about CPR and other first aid procedures. The students who completed this course were Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20, Erika D, Hope ‘19, Lily M, Hope ‘19, Zoe M, Hope ‘19, Graeme M, Rogers ‘19, Kaelan M, Privett ‘20, and Lindsay P, Allard ‘19. 

Later in the year, a National Lifeguard course, with the optional extensions of the waterpark and waterfront options, will take place, as well as, possibly, another Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross course. 

Although the weekends filled with first aid and lifesaving were intense, challenging, and tiring, the participants who took advantage of the opportunity learned many valuable skills, and practised applying them to real-life simulations. Congratulations to all those who gave their time to receive this training, and thank you to Mrs. Whitney for organizing everything and creating this opportunity! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20

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