First 11 Field Hockey

Sunday, February 14, 2021 - By: Megan K, Captain, Allard ‘21 & Alanna Martin, Coach

This year, the Brentwood 1st IX had the joy of being coached by former - and returned - Head Coach Mrs Martin and Brentwood alumna Rachel Reynolds and Alex Hatton. Although the season was heavily restricted by the COVID protocols, the team was able to develop their skills and their sense of the game. Not being able to participate in tournaments or games was unfortunate, but the coaches and players all worked hard to make the best of the situation. Strong relationships developed among both the cohort teams, and the 1st XI as a whole. Athletes challenged themselves and each other.
The Grade 12’s made it their mission to maintain a high level of intensity at practice, and passed on their knowledge and expertise in order to better prepare their teammates for next year, with the hope that they will once again be able to compete against other schools. The team consisted of many amazing players who saw tremendous growth over this year's development-oriented season.
Megan K, Captain, Allard ‘21
Congratulations to Megan K and O Bartsch, co-winners of the Grimes Award which recognizes their inspirational leadership both on and off the field, and to Solveig C and Adrienne R, co-winners of the Hall Mackenzie Award for their service and contribution to the field hockey program. Finally, congratulations to Samantha D for winning The Martin Cup which is awarded to the Junior athlete who best exemplifies sportsmanship, team spirit, leadership and a love for the game.
Alanna Martin, Coach

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