Finishing Well

Thursday, June 05, 2014 - By: Bud Patel

While many say first impressions are the most important, others would argue that "how you finish" is a better reflection of a person, team, or school. Just ask this year’s Girls Rugby squad.

September is one of my favourite months of the year. Ever since I was five years old, much like the Bench Elementary students I saw last week with Ms. Hedquist’s Grade 10 Kid Lit class, Labour Day brought with it a stomach full of nervous excitement. Even at this age and in this role, that feeling returns every September.

Last September, 470 students arrived to sun and some rain on the first day of school. This mixture of 170 new students mingled with 300 veterans created the milieu for our unique 2013-14 experiences.

Nearly nine months have passed since those early September days and here we are – 17 days to the finish line. Questions abound at this time of year. How will my arms, legs and lungs feel during the last 250 meter sprint at the Nationals?  How will my final performance at this week’s Concert for a Summer’s Eve be remembered?  How will I prepare for the rigorous June final exams? As a grade 12, how will I say goodbye to my Brentwood family?

The next 17 days will reveal the answers to these questions. Win or lose. Good or bad. Pass or fail. These answers rely on our students! It’s their time to finish well and have no regrets. In this, I wish them every success.

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