Finding the Light Workshop for Studio Art AP

Tuesday, February 01, 2011 -

For the past two Mondays, Studio Art AP had enjoyed the instruction of Ms. Brenda Colby, professional photographer and coach of Brentwood’s Senior Girls’ Rowing team. Ms. Colby has been instructing the students on the use of light in their art. Throughout time, the concept of light has been a mystery. How can we manipulate this divine entity?

With the help of Ms. Colby, the Studio Art AP students identified different ways of creating portraits using specific lighting techniques.

With the use of a camera and different light sources, we were able to define and recreate light to emphasize or shadow our subjects. We focused on the way Rembrandt used light by experimenting with half lights and butterfly lights. Focusing on portraits and using art historical references, we have begun projects which Ms. Colby will be checking up on next week.

Let there be light. Let there be understanding.

Min K

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