Fight Forever - Surrender Never

Monday, May 04, 2015 - By: Eva B, Alex ’17, Photo by Anita A, Alex ‘15

The weeks of running, hiding, chasing and hunting have finally arrived. Spies and hunters are everywhere. 

Walking around hand in hand with your friend might save you. 

But is he or she really your friend?

Assassin is a fun game. I have played it in other places, but I’ve never seen people so passionate about surviving, fighting until the end and never giving up until they reach their aim, their target. 

The rules are simple. Equipped with a little wooden clothespin with your victim’s name on it, you go on the hunt to find that person and pin him or her in the right time and place. Having pinned the person, he or she is ‘dead’ and must hand his or her pin to you to give you the opportunity to chase your next victim.

Simultaneously, someone is hunting you!

First, we played the game in Alex House and brutal sprints all over the campus have started and you feel unsafe, especially on the hallways. Then, Alex was joined by two boys’ houses, Privett and Ellis, and now half of the school is out for the kill.

Boarding life can be stressful at times but Assassin definitely brings up your adrenaline. Being bitten by the ‘pin of destiny’ makes you feel like you should have put as much effort into your survival as you put in your grades. Even if some students definitely belong to the more passionate group of players, no one forgets that being on time for class is primarily.

Brentwood’s Assassin is the strongest bonding game I’ve ever played and even if friendships might have some downs during play, this intense game is making every day interesting and it brings a variety into the boarding life. Happy Assassin to all the survivors; may the odds be ever in your favor!

Eva B, Alex ’17, Photo by Anita A, Alex ‘15

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